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    bestprice.ae - US$ 40,000 - REQUEST

    With the E-Commerce business growing faster than ever in UAE, prices comparison is the fast cashing business you could invest on. BestPrice.ae is the perfect domain for a leading position in the market.

    expresscourier.ae - US$ 44,000 - REQUEST

    The United Arab Emirates are one the most important logistic hub of the world. To win the competition of many national and international Express Couriers in the country, you will need the best domain.

    italia.ae - US$ 25,000 - REQUEST

    With almost 20,000 resident's, the Italian is one of the most sparkling expats' communities in UAE. Moreover, Italy is one of the most beloved countries and destinations for all the UAE residents and citizen.

    guest.ae - US$ 25,000 - REQUEST

    The hospitality is the top business sector in UAE. Growing so fast to attract every day many new investors. Guest.ae is the perfect domain name for who wants to let the guest feel central in its business.


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